Why Copaganda Shows Are Worse Than Trash Reality TV.

FKA ES Writer
3 min readJul 13, 2022

Fuck the police but not Officer Voight? Defund the police but give Chicago P.D. another season? I know there’s a clear diffference between make believe and reality. What’s real and what’s depicted on screen is one of my arguments for why these propped up cop shows are much more dangerous to society than shows like Love and Hip-Hop, Jersey Shore or any of The Real Housewives series. A common critique of these shows is that it promotes negative images and are a bad influence on the “impressionable” minds that view them. Although these sentiments can be true the negative depiction of anybody doesn’t lead to as many deaths (if any) as the American police force.

If reality tv can influence people to be violent and downright horrible people, why don’t these over a decade long running cop shows that show nothing but positive images of “good policing” have a positive effect on police departments across America?

What I see on reality TV, from the people on it and from the fans is a lot more accountability than I’ve ever seen cops being held to, on and off screen. I don’t see cops hold each other truly accountable on these shows like I see clips of “The Housewives” holding each other accountable for actions far less severe than murdering and brutalizing somebody. Cops get away with far worse acts than cheating or talking mess behind a “friend’s” back. The most you’ll see cops do on these shows is say “you’re making the rest of us look bad.” Writers put this line in just to please the pig lovers who watch the show they write for and to please the viewers who are only anti-police when a Republican is backing the blue. One thing that sorely gets overlooked about reality TV shows is the personal accountability the people hold themselves to. When was the last time you’ve seen a cop hold themself accountable for the dirt that they did, offscreen? (not on TV or movies) When was the first? The lives they’ve changed forever because of their actions, the lives that they’ve taken, yet you can still see them at your local grocery store satisfying their sweet tooth buying Oreo’s a week after they murdered somebody. I’m not saying all Reality Stars are self aware saints but I’ve seen more of them apologize for their “crimes” than I’ve seen the police.

Lastly, if it wasn’t obvious, copaganda shows are not based in reality. That’s only a problem because the people behind the shows are being purposely deceptive. Cops kill upwards to roughly over a thousand people per year and that’s just the numbers that’s been reported https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/investigations/police-shootings-database/. If you watch nothing but sports, copaganda television and left-wing mainstream news during a Democrat Presidencies, you’d think cops save over a thousand lives a day. It’s just a TV show, why don’t you have that same mindset about reality TV? You point to it as your reasoning for your misogynoir. If you think copaganda screenplays shine a light on “good cops” then why aren’t the many positive images of black women and men on screen your perception of us? “Fuck the police” didn’t come about because N.W.A watched New Jack City.