Vegans Prove That Racism Exist in More Ways Than One.

FKA ES Writer
3 min readNov 17, 2022
Photo by Chuko Cribb on Unsplash

What a wasteful, privileged and sensationalistic bunch!

As someone raised by Black parents born in the 60s, I hate seeing stuff like this. As someone who can’t afford to waste food, I hate seeing people waste food like this and as a black man who gets followed around in just about every establishment I walk into, I hate seeing videos of vegan extremist getting away with defacing property and public indecency. Do they happen to find grocery stores without security or does security at grocery stores only make themselves known when my black ass walks in? I haven’t shop lifted since I was 15. Got caught and vowed to never do it again if the people who caught me didn’t get the law involved. I’ve kept my word ever since. Security at the stores I frequent didn’t know that. Nobody knew until I mentioned it, but still, today, I get treated as somebody suspicious. Meanwhile people like the weirdos you see in the video can walk into any grocery store, not get followed or arrested. Not even a tackle. Worse I’ve seen happen to these clowns was be told to leave the store.

Have you ever been followed around in an art gallery for simply walking around looking at art? You know, normal art gallery behavior?

How is it that “activist” can walk into an art gallery with a bucket of paint or cans of soup, splatter a painting made by a “problematic” white man they have no idea of and still end up being trouble free long enough to record and upload a video. These are the things I think about as a black man because it is troublesome to simply just existence in these spaces. I don’t look at these videos and see “very passionate” people or “rad bad asses.” I see privileged white liberals and their “colorful” pets getting away with or getting off easily committing crimes that *should* be much more offensive than “walking while black.”

Enough of my tears. Let’s talk about how veganism is classist in addition to it being racist. When I say “vegan” in this piece, I’m talking “raw vegan” and of course I’m not saying ALL vegans are racist or wealthy individuals. I can tell you first hand how expensive it is to maintain a vegan lifestyle even if only done for four days. I’m sure you’ll find entire articles on here dedicated to the wealth inequality many faithful vegans can afford as appose to those who can’t sustain that lifestyle for too long because of financial woes.

You have to have a special kind of privilege and ease of life if you’re biggest problem in life are grocery stores selling animal products and not get in deep trouble destroying property you do not own, where as black people often have very little to no choice not to shop at these stores yet get treated as criminals the moment we walk in. We also can’t afford to be loud mouth unhinged vegans. We either don’t have the capital or the complexion. We will get slaughtered like a pig or a cow or some other animal vegans care more about than they do black lives.

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