The Forced Color Purple Hate.

FKA ES Writer
5 min readFeb 10, 2024
Promotional Poster for The Color Purple (not my property)

As with all of my thoughts on here and elsewhere, these opinions are coming from a realest. Not a self-hating black man, not a simp or queer “male presenting” person who wishes they were born one of the white girls from “The Mean Girls” movie.

Now that I’ve sort of introduced myself let me reiterate that the online hatred of this Color Purple remake is primarily forced anger from black folks who think anger = productivity and productivity = righteousness.

The workaholic in me praises the idea that staying proactive is always the right thing to do, but let’s be real, criticizing a story you’ve had all of your life to openly criticize, but only chose to do so now because you have a rep to uphold in your internet click is not using your time wisely, therefore I decline to acknowledge your productivity is proactive.

The Color Purple’s Timeline.

The Color Purple is a novel written by Allice Walker that was published in 1982. Two years later in 84' the movie started to be made and was released in 1985. The first broadway play adaptation of the novel was made in 1997, then again in 2004 and another one in 2015. The musical now has a film adaptation that released Christmas day, 2023

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The point in bringing up The Color Purple’s history is to remind y’all second and third life having internet pseudo-intellects that this isn’t a brand new story. You could’ve “outraged” this story when it first came out or anytime before 2023. Like many, my introduction to The Color Purple was either through reading the book for the first time or watching the first movie, the “classic” version if you will. To my understanding despite the graphic nature and unpleasant scenarios of this story, The Color Purple was still a beloved story within the Black Americans household.

Certainly not all, I get that, but prior to outrage culture, this was a story loved by many black folks, hence why I believe a fraction of the harsh criticisms hurled at this movie is forced outrage because that is what outrage culture is. Remember, anger = productivity, to them and productivity = righteousness.