She’s Not “One of Us” Anymore.

FKA ES Writer
6 min readMar 31, 2021

Real ones knew this day was coming. Now that it’s come and fone, can we ALL move on? i’m not addressing those of us who knew and called AOC’s submission months ago. I’m addressing those who are still in denial. Your pretty, petit, Puerto Rican princess has denounced the TRUE progressive left and assured the DSA that she’d play ball with the establishment Dems. Don’t believe me? here’s the evidence

In this piece I will be breaking down what I believe is the more important remarks of the entire interview. Per usual, you are encouraged to view the link and make your own perceptions. AOC said that the criticism Joe Biden gets from what the interviewer quotes as “The Bernie Wing of the Party” is a “privileged” critique. Privileged? There’s only three types of privileged voters. There’s the wealthy CEO’s who vote with their wallets paying people in power to push for whatever issue effecting them they want handled. There are voters who are for the most part unaffected by who is in office, but will still vote the establishment Democrat because of “wokeanomics,” and there’s the privileged voters who always vote Republican. None of these privileged people vote for Bernie. The criticism from “Bernie Wingers” is not one coming from a privileged stand-point. Please inform me, how someone pointing out obvious differences between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden is a privileged critique? THere are nearly 30 million Americans who do not have healthcare. Bernie Sanders is a big proponent for Medicare for All, Joe Biden said he’d immediately veto the bill if it ever came across his desk, yet Berniecrats are the privileged ones this huge difference? Not the people who voted for a man who loud and clearly said he wasn’t for Medicare for All? Healthcare is a privilege that should be a human right, but I guess saying that makes me a privileged voter, huh? I’m sorry, was I partaking in “bad faith criticism?” What exactly is “good faith criticism?” “Hey Joe, you’re not saying enough nice things. You should say nice things like you’re for $15.00 minimum wage and $2000 stimulus checks. You don’t have to really believe in what you say, just say them because they are nice. Don’t be like Trump, he said a lot of mean things.” I find it comical AOC says “we don’t have time or luxury to entertain bad faith actors in our movement” while kissing the asses of the bad faith actors in the so called “progressive movement.” “Momma Bear” ring a bell? And to back track to the “Privileged” comment what is more privileged than corporations and CEO’s getting their needs met because the people in power only make moves for those putting money in their accounts. Bad faith acting is a politician who doesn’t fight for the American people, but will without a doubt do for and bail out the corporate class as long as the money keeps coming in. Good faith acting is exposing information and other forms of corruption conducted by the bad faith actors. You want to know what a privileged critique is? “Bernie Sanders is too aggressive when speaking.” “Bernie Sanders is too old.” These are just a few of the critiques privileged voters made about why they wouldn’t vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary, although they vote for an old man who has clear cognitive issues. One voting group demanding change because we are in desperate need for our demands to be met, another group doesn’t want a president who raises his voice when he is campaigning for a bill that’ll benefit them. You tell me which group is making privileged critiques. “For anyone who brings that up we really have to ask ourselves. what is the message that you are sending to your Black snd Brown members of your community, your friends, when you say nothing has changed?” That is what AOC has to say to anyone who dares critique Joe Biden. I can’t speak for the Browns and I won’t speak for all the Blacks, but what I will do as a Black is speak for myself when I say my critique of Joe Biden is me fighting for them the way they (we) deserve to be defended. Platitudes don’t pass in these parts. My fight for $15 is not for my single Black ass. I stopped working “conventional jobs” years ago. This fight is for my family and friends who still work those minimum wage jobs. It’s for all the Black and Brown folks who work those jobs. Since AOC wants to know what I’m doing for people in my community, me writing these pieces, speaking about their plight in videos and on the podcast, giving them a platform for them to tell their own stories, my volunteering and donations are doing a lot more that benefit the Black and Brown people in my community than the very politicians giving them empty promises to secure their votes. And Change? Biden was the one who said “nothing will fundamentally change.” I’m just doing what AOC and Democratic voters want me to do, believe Biden’s words at face value. Those words of his make it easy for me to believe because of his actions. Can’t say the same for his “want” for the minimum wage to be raised to $15 an hour and other “progressive” talking points that were just that, talking points.

“Winning” At What Cost?

AOC and the other bootlicker who interviewed her share a libtard incrementalist moment gawking over supposed “wins” the DSA has made being the lap dogs of the corporate Democrats. “We in collective struggle were able to stop the deportations of critical members of our community, And that would not have happened in a Trump administration.” “When you ay “nothing has changed” you are calling the people who are now protected from deportation “no one.” Slick move there, sis, but the only person who can guilt trip me is my conscious and my soul isn’t at war with my mind right now because at the end of the day I am not the one responsible for those kids being sent to the boarder. I’m not the reason why they were in cages last year and most importantly I’m not responsible for the destruction of their home land. You know who is responsible for all of that? The current regime, the last regime, the one before that one, the one before that one and the other ones before that one. I NEVER co-signed any of that shit. I voted for Obama his first time around because he was the first president I could vote for and like many first time black voters at the time, and during his second term, I was under the “first black President” spell. After that I never voted for a war hawking psychopath for President and my conscious has been clear ever since. Sure, my candidates don’t “win” but what is the good of a win when the same lives are in danger no matter who’s in the white house. Where is the change AOC and company speak of? Going from cages to see through compact boxes? Is this the “win” they are talking about? Disgusting. At least deporting them would send them back to their families. That’s what AOC essentially said and some how sending them back home is worse than keeping them in the inhumane conditions they are being kept in right now. The rest of the interview goes as such

Interviewer: It was so cool when you did-

AOC: Yeah, blah blah blah blah blah blah (some story she swears is a memorable story but is unclear of what year it happened)

Interview: Fox news is so mean to you.

AOC: Yeah, they’re haters and my haters make me greater!

*Both high five*

AOC is not “one of us, and one could argue if she ever was. People using true progressive movements to get ahead is sadly a common act from bad faith politicians looking to further their career on their way to the “winners circle.” It’s time to wake up and stop excusing her behavior. If “she’s all we got” then we have nothing, which is less than what we have now because at least we still have pride and common sense. We also have souls and a back bone. Move on from the AOC idle worshipping Keep fighting.

The transcribed DSA interview with Alxandria Ocasio-Cortez: