Self-Serving Public Servants.

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4 min readJan 3, 2023
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Tik Tok has made it possible to see these self-rightous demons on a grand scale. Thoughts that were once “conspiratorial” by my own judgement have been proven to be correct because nurses like them and the therapist who lost her job for pretty much doing the same thing. Belittling the people they serve all under the guise of “providing healthcare.”

I believe there’s a lot of public servants who are not in the field to be the compassionate aide their job requires them to be. They’re just self-serving individuals who clearly use their occupational title to self-aggrandize. These nurses are just few of the numerous nurses out there who got where they are at to have control over the lives of vulnerable people. It has to be scary going through something that has you hospitalized and the people who took an oath to do their best to take care of you loathe you and are preying on your vulnerable state of being. “Do as I say because your life is in my hands and if you die, I will get away with it.” If you think I’m being hyperbolic just read the caption on the thumbnail and tell me if that quote is any different from what I just said. I haven’t had the need to go to the hospital in well over a decade. I thank God for that and the wonderful healthcare workers I’ve experienced in my 31 years of living thus far. I feel for those who have not been as blessed as I’ve been when it came to healthcare.

There’s absolutely no excuse why anybody in any profession should harm others by being neglectful of their duties. It is more understandable in some fields, yes, but nobody is forcing them to work that job or industry. Food service workers and teachers deserve higher pay, in my opinion. Does that excuse neglectful abusive behavior? No it doesn’t, unless you work at Waffle House. I understand why food service workers go viral every week for giving someone a two-piece and extra servings. Teachers? Not so much, unless the teacher is in grave danger, then lessons shall be taught if help isn’t on the way. No sense in losing your life or severely getting hurt over a job unless it’s a job one signs up for where that is a possibility, like being an officer of the law. Many of my detractors argue that cops will behave better (kill less people) if they were paid more. What if our healthcare workers started making that same argument? “I’ll care more about other people’s lives when I get more pay.” I believe healthcare workers deserve more pay, but not if they’re going to start moving like cops with the threats of taking people’s lives for not “being nice” to them. As youth we learned that bad behavior does not get rewarded, so why as adults are we rewarding bad behavior and expecting to be rewarded for our bad behavior? As a whole, the American police force has shown to be less deserving of financial reward than our medical workers have, yet police departments all over the country receive funding and has that “bad behavior” of there’s decreased?

I used to get paid pennies for publishing blog pieces, now I just get paid attention. Attention I am grateful for, but what if I started killing, threatening to kill or belittled people who read my work because I felt I wasn’t getting the money I deserved? You’d call me a psycho and call for my firing and you’d be right. If I started publishing crappy projects and told readers “I don’t get paid enough to give y’all my best,” you’d unfollow or tell me to stop writing and you’d be right. If these nurses and other public servants as dissatisfied with the promises they made because the pay isn’t what they feel it should be they should take that up with whoever is paying them. They should also think about a new profession or truly think about why they are doing whatever they do.

I’m not saying my written work is on the level of importance as saving lives, but there’s a passion I have for writing, reasons why I’ve decided to continue being a writer despite the money right now not being where I’d like it to be. Money aside, these nurses, psychologist, therapist and cops should really be honest with themselves and think about why they got into and continue to be in their respected field. don’t have much hope for the narcissist in these fields to ever do something like that, but miracles/breakthroughs can/do happen.


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