My Problem With People Who Don’t Believe in Christianity.

FKA ES Writer
4 min readJan 23, 2023
Photo by James on Unsplash

You have just been clickbaited. When I say I have a problem with people who don’t believe in Jesus Christ, I’m really saying I’ve noticed a number of similar mindsets and behaviors from non-believers that I deem problematic for their personal growth. I take no issue with faithfuls of other religions or the “religiously faithless” in general. I’m talking about those who lack faith in anything, which to me is a sign of mental weakness. In this piece I will attempt to answer some questions, comments and concerns I’ve heard from many people regarding their personal views of God.

“If prayer works, why didn’t I get that outcome I prayed for?”

No action, just talking. Sounds like Christians when we pray, right? Wrong. Prayer without action is just hope. “Jesus Freaks” who just sit around and pray aren’t really praying, they’re hoping. If all we had to do was sit and pray our problems away, everyone would do, including the atheist. When was the last time “hope” got anyone anything, 2008? As a follower of Jesus Christ I can tell you, one of the reasons I pray is to tap into the power God has blessed all of us with. This power moves me to do what I have to do to get the outcome I’m praying for but it’s not all on us, though. God is a force much powerful than us and being a strong willed Christian/human being means to accept that God’s plan is greater than our own plans. You can do what I used to do. Fight against it, lose that fight then blame God for the losing outcome you got, but God did not challenge you, you challenged God and lost. That is not God’s fault. In short, you didn’t get the outcome you were HOPING for because what you call “praying” was just you vocalizing what you want without actually doing anything about it. Reason number two may be because God had other plans for you. You may not like it now, but maybe you’ll understand later on down the line if you open up and allow those lessons to be learned.


I can and I have. Many followers of Christ can prove the spirit is alive. You just don’t accept our response as “real.” It’s funny because people will say this and be “science-based” people, but never question the “science” behind transgenderism and gender non-conformity. It’s “believe in science” until science says there’s only two genders. This isn’t a toxic Christian ranting his “hatred” of transgender/non-binary folks, the complete opposite, actually. If you’ve actually have a conversation with trans people, a number of them will say that they’ve always knew they were meant to live the life of the sex unassigned to them at birth because of what their heart/soul has been telling them all or the majority of their life. Christians have a soul/spiritual connection with Jesus Christ. A connection that can’t be quantified by math, but neither can a person’s self-image. You have no problem accepting one’s soul connection as real, but can’t accept another person’s soul connection being real? Sounds to me you’re more threatened by a different perspective. I’m well aware of the amount of “Christians” who are also threatened by different perspectives. My response to them is my response to you. You’re threatened because you have no faith in yourself. No faith that you can stand on your square and defend yourself against opposing or simply different viewpoints. Keep in mind not all different viewpoints are opposing views, but a feable minds, whether Christian or non-believers think that way. A faithless non-believer is just as weak as a faithless believer. I understand why there’s a disconnect amongst people and any religion. I was once there, but what I can tell you is a lot of my problems with Jesus Christ were actually problems I had with myself. It wasn’t until I began my spiritual journey I realized that.

“If God is real, how come so much bad is happening in this world?”

God is not punishing us. Man (humans) is punishing us. God is not your supervisor at work. God is not your landlord/property manager. God is not your school bully, your ex or your enemy. All of these people are humans, not Gods. Which means whomever is causing grief in your life is doing so because that is what humans do to one another, unfortunately. If you weren’t the weak minded individual you are, you’d do something about whatever these people are doing that brings negativity to your life. No, I’m not telling you to kill or physically harm anyone. I’m saying use your God given power and make changes in your God given life! Life is hard. You either acknowledge that and move accordingly or you stay in a perpetuate state of victimhood. It’s childish to think God is going to bail us out of everything. That is not how humans learn and we do a horrible job at learning from the past, bad decisions or mistakes because we don’t. Imagine a world with no consequences. Do you think human beings would give a damn about one anything? If you ask me, we’re not worthy of a God because we’re so damn willfully ignorant to our own destruction yet God shows everyday that we will continue to be graced.

Even if you don’t believe God is doing right by his children, how can you explain so many of his children, believers or not have good things happening to them and for them? Partially is due to them being people of action. You don’t have to be a follower of Jesus Christ to be a person of action. You just have to have faith in yourself. The other part is God’s continued blessings for the grateful and ungrateful because that’s just how God is.