My Only Problem With Pan-Africanist

FKA ES Writer
2 min readMar 3, 2023
Photo by Ian Macharia on Unsplash

I often tell people if the truth upsets you, that just means you want the lie you tell yourself to be true. Denial is not how you go about doing that, though.

With that being said, the one truth about Pan-Africanism Pan-africanist deny is my only problem with the movement, it is completely one sided. Think of Pan-Africans as parents and think of Black Americans and the Black Diaspora as the children of those parents. Using this analogy you’ll see the attitude these parents have for their children are different. These Pan-African parents clearly have a favorite child and the child is not the one with American roots. If you’ve ever had the misfortune in seeing a disapora war amongst Black Americans and the Diaspora, you’ll see the Pan-African parents come to the aid of the diasporian child. As they cradle the child’s tear soaked melanin rich face in their bosom they scold the Black American child, all while glossing over the fact that the child they are practicing TLC with was the one who hit first.

As childish as both sides have been, this is not elementary school. Bullies should not be coddled because they cannot take what they dish out. To any Pan-African who claims they or the entire movement keeps the same energy, show me. Show me real examples of you being just as stern or soft on the diaspora kid as you are with the Black American kid, because simply saying something is not keeping the same energy no matter how you try to spin it. I’d rather you have grace for all black people since that’s what you claim to be about, but what I want to see from the movement is fair treatment. If someone gets out of line, however you handle that, their nationality should not determine how hard or soft the “punishment” is. This doesn’t make you a “Pan-Africanist” it makes you a “white-supremacist” pitting black people against one another and treating one group better than the other further expands the division.

Just because you’re black and you hate America doesn’t mean you should hate black Americans. The very people who made the only parts of this country great. The very group of people who faught so you’re favorite child could have stay in this house.

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