Men Can Change Society.

FKA ES Writer
4 min readFeb 1, 2023
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

“Y’all created these rules.” It’s not a comment I’ve seen very often lately. That could be because the last time I addressed it, I got no response and now all of the bird brains on the bird app are afraid of the big bad brilliant Boogie Man will come out of the dark shadows ruining their day dreams of being an online debate queen or it could be the fact that I’m intentionally not engaging in ceaseless conversations on Elon Musk’s cesspool. Whatever the reason I must get this point out so someone with “a lot more cachet” can run with my talking points and get credited for it.

When men bring up double-standards and “societal norms” we are often shutdown immediately by being reminded that it was men who created the “rules” we still live by. Subjects such as providing financially, emotional support and mental health are three reoccurring reasons why some men want to re-write the rule book. As a man and one of the co-authors of the 21st Century version of “The Man’s Place In Society Rule Book,” I can tell you my desire to do away with the old text have zelch to do with wanting to go dutch on everything or not wanting to pay for anything at all. My goal as a writer is to turn an ugly penny to sexy dollars. Once I do that, if I make more than my woman, I won’t mind paying for everything. I don’t mind paying for most things now. What men like myself are saying is we don’t want to be treated like your walking talking, ATM. Nobody bats an eye when a woman says “don’t use me as your personal “play thing,” but when men say “I’m a person, not a piggy bank” he is told “thems the rules, Jack!” Totally ignoring that the same “rule book” you’re referencing also mentions that women have to “give it up” to the highest bidder. People proclaim Christians pick and choose which rules in the Bible they want to obey or abhor, the same can be said about the faithless following falsehoods of what it means to be a man or woman.

Women have the freewill to choose which societal rules they want to follow, but not men, the very beings who created these rules, according to y’all. I repeat, men create these rules, but can’t pick and choose which rules they want to follow, but women, who had zero input, apparently can decide which rules they want to follow? This makes sense to a female bird but to everyone who is not, that “logic” is not logical at all. That’s like being the head of a fortune-500 company and implementing a no drinking while on the job policy but only enforcing that rule on yourself, doing what simp soy boys do, punish himself and other men in hopes to attract women.

Men who mean well aren’t asking for a reversal of the rules. We’re asking to be treated like human beings and to be appreciated for more than just being a provider because we are sick of seeing other men kill themselves trying to prove our manhood to you, each other and the rest of the world. Typically I don’t like to take the stance of “respecting yourself to get respect” because the people who clearly need to be respected the most are those who need to see that they too are worthy of respect, but this is a bit differet. Men, it starts with us. It is clear that society follows in our footsteps, no matter how “radical” other genders might claim to be. If we want women to value us as humans we must value ourselves in the same light. It’s showing them how we want to be treated. If we (we may not include you or me) continue to only show off how much money we have to attract a partner, we cannot get upset at women for going after the diamond carrot we dangle infront of their faces. I know there are men who do value themselves for more than just a material provider and still are poisoned by women who refuse to value us for more than whatever material gain they can get from us, but we don’t have to deal with these women. Instead of trying to change a negative Nancy get yourself a compassionate Keisha and leave the birds alone. They’ll either discover why they can’t find a valuable man or they’ll stay the same.

If men “created” societal rules, we can change these rules to better suite us so we’re beholden to our values and to ensure our voices are heard and valued. These are the new “rules” modern men such as myself want to make an ammendement on, but if that is too much for your little bird brain to comprehend or your dire heart to withstand, frankly, you’re a bitch, fuck you.