Like A Ton of Bricks…

FKA ES Writer
3 min readJan 20, 2024
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Ro Ro Ro. That lying witch Ro. She caused caused a category 5 hurricane on social media when she first became viral. So much so that it made me sick (literally) at the time. I took a break from social media because I was physically disgusted at what I witnessed.

The situation, is still fucked up, but time has passed since then, I knew I was right about her and I’m so glad I waited four months to write and publish this piece, especially now with the new evidence coming out proving Ms. Osman not only scammed many into donating to her GoFundMe, but assaulted the man she claimed hit her with a brick for refusing to give him her number.

Despite there being concrete proof that the lady infamously known as “Brick Girl” lied about the altercation outside of the night club, there’s still a once loud minority of people who still choose to support her because they have agendas to push.

The scamming and false accusations are wrong and wild, no doubt about that, but that’s not even the bulk of why this situation upsets me. Let’s start with the lack of acknowledgement of wrong doing. Not just Roda’s, but everyone who immediately burned black men at the stake all because of misandry and hypotheticals. Unlike others, I didn’t rush to call this woman a liar upon initially viewing her video and looking into what happened. I tried to find anything that would’ve plausibly supported her claims from other bloggers and content creators and all I got was “well it could’ve actually happened, therefore we’re saying it did happen.” I’ll dissect that comment in a few, but the only person I’ve seen acknowledge they were wrong to defend Roda was comedian Godfrey.

Everyone else over the last four months chose to live in an alternate timeline where Roda was actually and the black men around her did nothing.