Height Shaming Short Men Is The Same As Body Shaming Big Women.

FKA ES Writer
4 min readMar 4, 2019

Those who say no are typically those who believe in double-standards (mainly for women). Now I’ve heard women say they prefer taller men and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. In the same light there is nothing wrong with a man having a preference as well and heavier set women not being one of his preferred body types. The problem with both men and women detailing their preferences is when they disrespect and dehumanize people because of their exterior.

Fat Women.

Heavier set women are subjected to a lot of bullying, disrespect, stereotypical assumptions of their dietary habits, personal hygiene and worst of all deemed unlovable unless you’re trying to stay warm during the winter months.

Short Men.

Men under 6 feet are also subjected to ridicule by society. They are often considered “half a man,” weak, also bullied and worst of all deemed unlovable unless he has money. Lots of money.

Who Got It Worse?

I know I’m still fairly new here, but you should know by now that I don’t play the struggle olympics. I’m not going to compare the plight of the modern day “fat woman” to the plight of the modern day “little man.” Both struggle with a great deal of social scrutiny from people who either claim to be God’s people or from people who admittedly aren’t. What I do know about both types of people is they do no like to be judged harshly or teased but of course they don’t see fault when they do so. For those who still want to play the struggle olympics tell me how does a “big person” lose weight? Now tell me how can a “short person” who is above the age of 21 get taller? I’m not saying shorter men have it worse. There are no health risk of being under 6 feet. I’m no doctor so feel free to double check that. There are indeed scientifically proven health risk to being “overweight” and no I am not assuming every overweight person suffers from the the various health issues that can come from living that lifestyle. The point I’m making is losing weight is actually a thing for overweight people. Had an ex go from being “thicka than a snicka” to being slimma than a Twix” all because of the risk of health issues. Meanwhile I was 5’7 when I met them back in 2012 and I’m still 5’7 now.

Where I Meet You Halfway

As a “little man” I see the ridicule “big girls” get and I am disgusted by it. I can see why there are women of that body type who feel unpretty, unwanted and hated. It also sucks when you have stupid social challenges like “pigging” which is when a group of asshole men dare each other to find a “fat chick” and either date them or fuck them. Lead the woman on into thinking he has deep emotional feelings for her then when she expresses her feelings toward him or when the allowed time of the bet is over they break up with the woman and reveal the truth to her. I’ve never heard of women doing some evil shit like that to short men. All of the women who didn’t find me attractive based on my height made it clear in their own way whether it’d be verbally or the disappointed look on their face when we finally met in person. Sure, maybe some women are out there “pigging” fat guys, but I wouldn’t know from experience on how it is like to be ridiculed for my weight because that has never been the butt of jokes directed toward me nor has it ever been a flaw someone said I had. With all of that being said I still can’t say height shaming isn’t a form of body shaming.

Struggle Olympics STILL Canceled.

In general women are judged a lot more on their looks than men. Women in general face judgement on the daily for simply living. I get all of that and I’m on the side of women who say they’ve had enough of that. I’m STILL not going to excuse women for calling grown men “half a man” simply because some guy on Twitter called big women “hippos.” “they’re just jokes. If you are a man you’d take it like one.” Everything is just a joke until you’re the butt of the joke. Feel free to quote me on that, but give me my credit. Don’t short change me, I’m already short enough. *beats drum* I’ve also heard women say dumb shit like they prefer taller men because a taller man could protect her from from other taller men who aim to harm her, but there’s a lot of tall weak niggas on there. I believe every man no matter his height or weight should be able to protect his loved ones. The problem with statements like this is the unfair assumption that short men are weak and will not be able to protect someone from harms way. You either watch too much animal planet where the little fish always gets eaten by the big fish or you’re not watching enough boxing/MMA. Some of the strongest gladiators in the world are men are under 6 feet. Sure you have the LeBron James’ of the world. Tall men with brute strength, but you also have the Barry Sanders’ of the world. Short men with incredible speed and strength. Ladies and gentlemen if you really want a man who can protect you from danger, go to the gym, not the club. Because a man who values his health is a man fit enough to protect you from danger no matter his height. Also you just took part in a negative assumption about short men, That’s the same wrong doing you are against when people have assumptions about big women.

I end this post by asking you, why do you not consider height shaming a form of body shaming?