Dear Haitian Americans,

Sak pase? I mean the genuinely. I also want to say thanks to your ancestors, mesi. Without them I an other Foundational Black American ancestors would’ve had a harder time taking back their (our) freedom. With that sai I do have to ask how do you as an American born Haitian feel about what Joe Biden and the Democratic establishment are doing to your Haitian brothers and sisters in Haiti? Are they not your kinfolk? Is Haiti only to be valued and defended when a right wing politician insults it?

As an AA, the American hubris may be oozing out of me when I say this, but I must say it. Aint no way I’m voting for a man, woman or party that’ll call the land of my ancestors a “shithole.” Aint no way I’m voting for a man, woman or party that backs the destruction of my roots because they’re mad my country toppled white supremacy and inspired black folks globally to do the same. But I guess I can’t speak since that country is not my country. Maybe if I saw at least one Haitian whether born in America or not speak up against the Democratic Party’s/United States on going imperialism/violence on Haiti, I’d keep my big Black American mouth shut. I saw so many people speak up when Trump called their native land a shithole country and I’m just wondering where are those people at on the current regime’s attack on Haiti and as I mentioned before this countries continued “War on Haiti” that conveniently doesn’t get much if any mainstream news coverage no matter which party has the white house.

If you’re unfamiliar with my work and who I am, I’m Ernest Sandefer. A Foundational Black American, American Descendent of Slavery who has a very hard time keeping his mouth and pen shut whenever he see’s injustices going on no matter who is committing the injustice.

Author, podcaster, political commentator, D-list designer.

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