Dave Chapelle Proves Why Celebrity Worship is Stupid.

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3 min readJan 12, 2023
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I’ve got on here and other spaces on the internet defending Dave Chapelle. I want to retract my support of him, but not take back anything I may have said because those words held true to how I felt about the situation he found himself in at the time. This “new Dave,” this “stupid, rich” Dave Chapelle is corny to me. This “I can never be a sellout, I walked away from 50 million dollars” Dave Chapelle will no longer fooling me. He’s made it to a level where he schmoozes with other stupid, rich cornballs. Chapelle foolishly believes all of his fans are cultist and will latch onto every move he makes, like co-signing new Twitter head, Elon Musk.

Bringing out Elon Musk wasn’t the eye opener for me. It was the reason behind it and what Dave Chapelle was symbolically trying to say/do. For those who don’t know, comedian Dave Chapelle was doing a stand-up show and at some point decided to bring out billionaire apartheid baby, Elon Musk out on stage in hopes the audience would help pressure Musk into reinstating rapper, podcaster, woman abuser, Talib Kweli, back on Twitter. Before the Musk takeover, Talib Kweli was banned from Twitter for cyber bullying and harassing activist, Maya Moody. Fiending for black approval, Elon Musk agreed to reinstate Kweli’s account.

Not sure if Talib Kweli is actively back on Twitter, don’t care to know. Lost all respect for him when he got exposed for being a misogynistic wierdo who can dish it to women, but cries when they slap back. Elon Musk is who he’s always been and Talib Kweli’s true colors were shown years ago. Dave Chapelle is the one who has changed and not for the better. Even prior to the events covered, Chapelle’s most recent monologue on SNL was distasteful despite his blatant attempt at not pissing off “The Jews.”

I did not see a man condemning “anti-semitism,” I saw someone use a popular controversial moment leading up to that Saturday night to brown nose, much like when Jarrod Carmichael took the opportunity to throw Dave Chapelle under the “can culture” bus for Chappelle’s “trans-phobic”
commentary. I saw someone (Chappelle) publicly antagonize his friend to make himself look good. Whether I agree with that friend’s actions or not, I still think he was done dirty by someone he considers a friend, but I’ve noticed a long time ago that is how celebrity relationships are. Everybody is out to protect their own rep, no matter the nature of the relationship, by any means necessary. It just sucks that Dave Chappelle, someone who once was “real” is now another fake individual with a lot of money and a delusional sense of cult leader influence. You thought we were feeling you? You thought because you gave a white South African a “real nigga pass” that we’d all cheer him on? You thought we’d all forget Talib Kweli’s “tough on Black women” crime prevention methods? Nah fam. You’ll get “boo’d,” too.

If you’re reading this and you’re anything like me and don’t like to be made to look stupid, stop worshipping celebrities. Admire the art and keep it at that because when you take that away, who are they, really?



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