Crowd’s Silence Spoke Volumes That Night.

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3 min readNov 24, 2022
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As SNL’s biggest hater I opted not to watch the episode hosted and starring Dave Chapelle despite my love for him. I did watch the monologue and found this part of it to be the most interesting part of it all (fast forward to 5:14 mark for context)

Some say “silence is golden,” in this case I say silence is whiten. Paraphrasing, Dave Chapelle said you can’t blame anti-semitism on Black Americans and SNL’s extremely liberal audience silently disagreed. Except for the one person Chapelle acknowledged when they outwardly agreed with his statement. It comes to no surprise to me that liberal racist leftist will blame black people for historically white genocidal acts, whether it’d be towards the Black, Jewish, Queer Communities or women in general. You seethe liberal media painting the face of anti-semitism as black, but that same media and audience support the Nazi’s over in Ukraine, trillions of U.S. dollars gone to support Nazi’s but a Black American better not dare utter the word “reparations.”


Here’s the deal, Black American men fought against Nazism in Germany and on American soil. Black folks foolishly have volunteered to aid Nazi’s in Ukraine because of the huge white liberal support of those Nazi’s and are hazed with banana peels, racial slurs and beatings. This is the thanks they got for caping for whites and Dave Chapelle got his negro wake up call, again that night. Not only did the audience he was trying to impress by publicly throwing his friend, Kanye West under the bus, blame him and black Americans for antisemitism, the Jewish Patriarch’s got on him as well, and he was clearly not trying to step on their fragile white toes.

What started off as just a critique of the show turned into a damn near decade plus long online “debate” about my feelings on Saturday Night Live. The show not being funny to me is the very least of my problems with the show. There’s a lot of comedy shows I do not find funny, but you do not see me ethering the fans of those shows every time the opportunity presents itself, because those fans aren’t libtards. They don’t feel the need to force people to share the same taste/view points as them in order for them to feel validated in “their” thoughts. My hate for SNL is much deeper than humor level (or lack their of) and have everything to do with what the show tries to represent and who the audience is. Just look at the silence, again. What was said by Dave Chapelle that caused that reaction appose to the other comments on the monologue they agreed with. Clearly the SNL crowd is not shy when it comes to vocalizing their support, so what was the silence for?

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